Abbreviations used for studios/artists
docDocumentedPrimary source to support the attribution.
litLiteratureSecondary source to support the attribution.
sgnSignedThe window is signed with name, initials or mark.
attribAttributedA likely attribution.
defDefinitelyThe attribution is made with confidence.
Abbreviations used for dates
docDocumentedPrimary source to support the given date.
litLiteratureSecondary source to support the given date.
sgnSignedDate appearing on the glass along with the signature or mark.
inscInscribedA date formally painted as part of the inscription.
plaqPlaqueA date appearing on a plaque nearby.
memMemorialA date of death appearing either on the glass or on a plaque nearby; note that the date of installation of a window could vary greatly from the memorial date.
circaCircaA likely date.
No dedication
Reference: 070480

sanctuary; east
One opening, 2960mm x 1720mm, subdivided into three by two metal staunchions.

Patronage: Burrowes.

Heaton, Butler & Bayne Trade Catalogue of 1909 has Laragh (sic), Co. Cavan, Two lancets. This would therefore appear to be either an error or a different window.

studio Heaton, Butler & Bayne; London (def)
date 1893 (mem)

Kilmore Cathedral
St Fethlimidh
Reference: 070440

chancel; north
Three lancets, 2670mm x 580mm, one 8-foil, two trefoils and eight small tracery lights.

Patronage: Lord and Lady Farnham.

studio An Tur Gloine; Dublin (sgn)
artist O'Brien, Catherine (1881-1963) (sgn)

date 1944 (lit)
Nicola Gordon Bowe, David Caron, Michael Wynne: Gazetteer of Irish Stained Glass, Dublin, Irish Academic Press, 1988