Abbreviations used for studios/artists
docDocumentedPrimary source to support the attribution.
litLiteratureSecondary source to support the attribution.
sgnSignedThe window is signed with name, initials or mark.
attribAttributedA likely attribution.
defDefinitelyThe attribution is made with confidence.
Abbreviations used for dates
docDocumentedPrimary source to support the given date.
litLiteratureSecondary source to support the given date.
sgnSignedDate appearing on the glass along with the signature or mark.
inscInscribedA date formally painted as part of the inscription.
plaqPlaqueA date appearing on a plaque nearby.
memMemorialA date of death appearing either on the glass or on a plaque nearby; note that the date of installation of a window could vary greatly from the memorial date.
circaCircaA likely date.
St Andrew
Reference: 220470

sanctuary; east
Three separate lancets, 3020mm x 430mm; 4880mm x 430mm; 3020mm x 430mm.

Patronage: In memory of Sir Augustus Warren of Warren's Court and his brother Sir John Borlase Warrne.

Window is covered with plastic sheets, discoloured to a strong yellow, giving overall colour cast.

studio Clayton & Bell; London (def)

date 1865 (lit)
Dublin Builder, 8, 1 June 1865, p.143

No dedication
Reference: 070130

chancel; east
Five lancets, 3970mm x 650mm, three 8-foils and 19 other tracery-lights.

Patronage: De la Poer Beresford.

Ecclesiologist: "enlarged by the same firm to fit new window". Centre lights circa 1850 remainder circa 1854. Patronage and mem date 1841 apply to LH & RH lights.

artist Nixon, James Henry (1802-1857) (attrib)
date 1850 (circa)

studio Ward & Nixon; London (lit)
Ecclesiologist, 1854, vol.15, p.438

Belfast St Peter
St Peter
Reference: 015240

chancel; south; east-most
Two lancets, 3230mm x 540mm and four tracery-light.

Patronage: In memory of Frederick Kinahan.

studio Heaton, Butler & Bayne; London (sgn)
date 1902 (mem)

All Saints
Reference: 012240

chancel; apse; south-east
Two lancets, 3740mm x 660mm.

Patronage: In memory of Harvey (d.1870) given by Nesbitt (d.1875).

W02 is signed "H. Hughes". British Architect refers to 'window' (singular) but lists iconography of all three apse windows; it incorrectly states that these are 'by a Dublin firm'.

studio Ward & Hughes; London (def)
artist Hughes, Henry (1822-1883) (def)

date 1877 (lit)
British Architect, 1877, vol.8, p.306

Holy Trinity
Reference: 012260

north transept; north
Two separate lancets, 3350mm x 510mm.

Patronage: Wylie.

artist O'Brien, Catherine (1881-1963) (sgn)

artist O'Brien, Catherine (1881-1963) (doc)
An Tur Gloine, List of Principal Windows, 1903-1928, National Gallery of Ireland, Centre for Study of Irish Art

artist O'Brien, Catherine (1881-1963) (doc)
date 1948 (doc)
National Gallery of Ireland, Illustrated Summary Catalogue of Drawings, etc., 1983, p.586, nos. 19080/81

Londonderry Cathedral
St Columb
Reference: 013450

nave; north aisle; north; east-most
Three lancets, 1940mm x 440mm.

Patronage: In memory of Richard Babington.

studio Heaton, Butler & Bayne; London (def)
date 1893 (memplaq)

Dublin St Patrick's Cathedral
National Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Patrick
St Patrick
Reference: 110080

chancel; north aisle; north; 2nd from east
Two lancets, 4270mm x 760mm.

Patronage: LH: Ussher; RH: King.

studio Kempe & Co.; London (sgn)
date 1906 (insc)

date 1905 (lit)
Builder, 1905, vol.89, p.708

date 1905 (lit)
Building News, 1905, vol.89, p.899